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Eclectic by nature. Created for you.

The Extraordinary is Everywhere

Imagine the warmth of the sun on your face as you bend to pluck a blue jay feather from the ground, or the sound of a rushing creek as you traverse its icy waters searching for rocks flecked with fool’s gold. Look around you—what are your collections? Perhaps there’s a bowl of pinecones on your dining table, or a few favorite finds on a handmade ceramic tray. You may keep a collection of stones that you find soothing. Whatever your treasures, they bring you joy. 

My name is Michelle, and I design and make eclectic jewelry inspired by the abundant world around us, for independent women like you who love to collect interesting objects, trinkets, and shiny things.

Because you value natural materials, I use wood, leather, metal, glass and stone to create handmade pieces that help you embrace your individual style. Whether you’re snuggled up in your favorite sweater, rocking your latest thrift-store find or lacing up your boots for a much-needed walk in the woods, you recognize the value in treating yourself to a little extra sparkle. 

An image of two blue jay feathers against a background of dark autumn leaves.
Me with Daisy in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, Summer of 2015.

My Journey So Far

As a child growing up in Oklahoma, I gathered acorns and autumn leaves. As a young teen, I collected tiny gemstones I found for sale in the back of the TV Guide. Some years later, I began to frequent flea markets and vintage shops, collecting costume jewelry—thus began my obsession with bling. Remember the rhinestones? Stacked and layered with as much decadence as any fine piece, but at a price a high school student working retail could afford.

I found myself blending broken finds into new designs, and so began my jewelry making journey. A dear friend taught me how to weave seed beads, but the technique eluded me—which did not stop me from collecting the beads. I began making necklaces to hold the quartz crystals I had rock-hounded in Arkansas. These were simple creations that didn’t require much skill, but they were pretty and they made me happy.

Over the years, I’ve embraced new techniques, learning first from books and later from YouTube videos. In 2021, I took a silversmithing class with renowned local artist, Bill Derrevere, a teacher I’ve admired for decades. I realized there is always so much more to learn! I hope to introduce more metalwork into my collections in the future, but for now, I’m all about the beads.

Like you, I’m inspired by the world around us, both the organic and the built environment. Naturally, I’m inspired by the baubles I collect. Often a new find will send me scampering to gather even more bits and pieces as a collection begins to take shape.

I work primarily with Czech glass and gemstones. I know that you want jewelry that is ethically sourced, and I strive to use suppliers with transparent policies, positive reputations and sustainable practices. I purchase most of my materials from US importers and manufacturers. I also source from overseas, working with independent sellers around the world.

My “Why”

Few things are as soothing as time spent in nature. Working with beautiful beads in my studio is, for me, one of those rare things. I can lose myself in the colors, textures and designs. Twisting metal wire into delicate shapes lets me feel connected to the earth in a tangible way.

I believe that everyone deserves access to beauty, and that it can be found in the simplest of everyday things. I am nourished by color and sparkle, and enriched by sharing my treasures with you. I want you to get a little jolt of happy when you wear something I’ve made.

About Tiny Oak Jewelry

In my early twenties, I gave up a prestigious career and took a job waiting tables, while working on a plan for a business that would sell environmentally sound products—an uncommon notion at the time. That venture never came to fruition, but the values I held then persist to this day. These values inform each decision I make.

I started Tiny Oak Jewelry in July of 2021 as a balm to the effects of the pandemic. At first, it was an excuse to collect more pretty things. Since then, it’s grown into an opportunity to give back. I believe in the adage that “A rising tide lifts all boats,” and as Tiny Oak continues to grow, I will increase my support for causes and organizations that align with the values of empathy, compassion, diversity and sustainability. On Earth Day, 2023, I announced a partnership with One Tree Planted. For every purchase, Tiny Oak Jewelry will plant a tree.

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