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AI Images, Organic Designs

Close up of a jeweler's hands, wire-wrapping a bead.

In a possibly misguided attempt to accelerate my metalsmithing journey, I decided I would try to create a piece of jewelry designed by AI. I fed DALL-E the prompt “A product photo of a piece of jewelry made from a 1″ square of copper.” Here are the designs it produced:

I determined that I had the tools and ability to produce the piece in the fourth image. You can read about the experiment here. In the end, I produced a serviceable piece. I learned a lot, including why you should do soldering before lacquering a piece. No, I didn’t set my studio on fire, thanks to some helpful folks on Reddit. I did learn a bit more about how much I have to learn.

A copper pendant with a lovely azure blue patina, draped over a quartz and granite stone.

Mistakes were made and lessons learned, but overall I’m happy with the piece. I’m looking forward to trying again once I have more experience. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

The Future of AI in Jewelry Design

I’m having a lot of fun using AI to create fantastical jewelry designs. I’m cautious not to copy other designers. (I’m probably more likely to copy on my own, by accident.) But it’s only intended to boost my creativity and test my skills. Ultimately, I gain the most pleasure from holding my materials in my hands and asking them what they want to be.

I have no doubt that AI will continue to influence every aspect of our lives. I recognize that ethical use of this technology is crucial, and I invite you to follow my journey at Eliza G. Designs as I navigate this brave new world.

Coming Soon

Next week, I’ll preview my fall collection with its rich browns and greens. I’ve got a thing for memory wire this season, which means lots of easy layering. Olive-toned sandalwood, emerald-hued Czech glass, moss agate, malachite and bronzite all make an appearance, inspired by a walk in the woods.

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Cover photo by eleonora on Unsplash

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