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By the Sea

A distant view of a white sand beach.

I had hoped to introduce my summer collection, By the Sea, in time for, well, summer. A wind storm and shipping slow-downs have ensured that won’t happen, but I’m almost there! This collection combines the aqua and turquoise, sky-blue, and delicate brown tones of a gentle beach, where sea grass and bleached wood abound.

The gemstones in the collection include aquamarine, pearl, larimar and jasper. I’ve combined them with Czech glass beads in a variety of colors and finishes, and set everything on silver-filled chain and wire, with some sterling silver making an appearance. Silver-filled wire offers dramatic savings when compared to solid sterling, but is much more durable than silver-plated. Properly cared for, silver-filled jewelry can last a generation or more.

Each piece in the collection is made to coordinate with all the others, but a few distinct lines have emerged. I’m especially fond of the very organic appearing Czech Glass and Pearl earrings and choker, although the matching bracelet is causing me some consternation.

Some other pieces contain beautiful combinations of aquamarine and pearl with pretty Czech glass sparkles. The most understated pieces feature stunning blue larimar nuggets. Larimar is an eye-popping, sky-blue gemstone found only in one part of the Dominican Republic. I’ve chosen to let these gems speak for themselves, combining them with nothing more than simple silver settings.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the preview photos! I plan to finish the collection within the next couple of weeks, although I’m slowly adding products to the website now, so I’ll be able to launch fairly quickly once all the pieces are in place. Come back soon when you’ll be able to find the collection here! I promise better photos are coming, too. 😊

Cover photo by Kelly Dbv on Unsplash

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