Welcome Fall!

A background of fall leaves with images of bracelets and jack-o-lanterns

It’s Libra season, y’all, and that means it’s time to focus on two things: beauty, and comfort. Not bad options! If you’re looking for beautiful jewelry to wear, check out our Tiny Treasures collection. These pieces combine delightful Czech glass with precious gems and metals. They are lightweight and easy to dress up or down. […]

Let’s Talk About Elastic Bracelets

A gemstone bracelet with a heart-shaped charm

I love elastic bracelets. As a consumer, But I don’t trust them. I don’t trust them. I have never owned an elastic bracelet that didn’t ultimately end up as a pile of beads sitting in the bottom of a decorative bowl somewhere.

Love to Ukraine

Love to Ukraine earrings and bracelets are here! Learn how your purchase supports the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund of GlobalGiving. Look here!

Gemstones and Seed Beads and More, Oh My!

Two-strand bracelets in a rainbow of colors

I’ve been a bead fanatic since the 80s, when I used to create really lame versions of classic Native American designs. Despite not being particularly good at it, I enjoyed the craft, and managed to acquire a nice supply of glass seed beads, purchased from a nifty little store in downtown Tulsa called Lyon’s Indian […]

Tiny Treasures

A pair of gemstone and seed bead earrings in yellow and pink colorways

These two-strand bracelets are chock full of semi-precious stones, accented by a delicate strand of seed beads straight out of the 1980s.

The Fairy’s Gift

The Fairy's Gift glittering green beaded bracelet with silver charm and dragonfly clasp

A fairy princess and an elfin prince were tasked with creating a gift for the Fairy Queen. Together, they frolicked through the forest searching for precious stones. But there were no emeralds (for the Fairy Queen’s favorite color was green), no peridot, no malachite. But there was plenty of sand, and so the two gathered […]

Summer’s End

Summer's End three-strand toggle bracelet with unakite gemstones & glass and Celtic knot charm

Here in Oklahoma, it’s still blazing hot – not unusual for August. But in less than a month, there will be a subtle shift in the colors. It may still be hot, but the sky will be a little bluer, and the leaves just a little less green. This bracelet celebrates the uneasy time when […]