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Fall Preview

A collection of jewelry including bracelets and earrings in shades of green and brown with copper accents.

I have some gorgeous pieces in copper, brown and green coming up for fall. I’ve used a lot of wood in this collection, including some lovely sandalwood in its natural color, a soothing olive tone. The collection also features malachite, bronzite and intriguing moss agate, all combined with rich, natural copper with an antique finish. I’ve recently acquired some lovely green opal, which I hope to work into the collection.

I haven’t yet decided whether to do any in-person shows this season. Creating inventory is expensive and time-consuming and I much prefer to make pieces to order. I like being able to create with intent. When I do a made-to-order piece, I can focus on the person who will be receiving it. Selling from my stock doesn’t allow for that kind of personal connection. On the other hand, I love being able to meet my customers in person. We’ll see where my energy level is come November!

What’s Next

As many of you know, I’ve recently begun teaching myself metalwork. And you probably also know, I have a lifelong obsession with beads. I’ve been trying to figure out how to reconcile these two passions. Obviously, metalwork and beadwork can co-exist, but I am not at the level of achievement at which I’ll feel comfortable selling metalwork pieces. So it doesn’t make sense for me to expand my product line yet.

A variety of stackable bracelets made from gemstones and Czech glass

I recently attempted to become collection-based. I’ve learned that this really doesn’t mesh with my way of creating, so my In the Woods fall collection will be the last I release, at least for the foreseeable future. I will focus my attention on existing collections, primarily Tiny Treasures and my Stackables bracelets, as well as a few “signature” pieces. I think these are the best, most personal creations in my inventory, and they’re the ones I most enjoy making.

I’ll continue to add new designs, of course—I’ve got some memory-wire gemstone bangles I’m excited to get your input on—and choosing to focus on these options is far from limiting. I believe it will allow me to expand my offerings in an organic manner.

You’ll see a lot of items going on closeout as I work to refine my focus. Please, take advantage of great prices on one-of-a kind and closeout items. I will be de-stashing a lot of my supplies, so gone will be gone.

Please bear with me as I navigate these changes. There’s a lot of data entry involved, which is far from my favorite thing. Rest assured I will get through it.

Thank you for your continued support. You’re the best!

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