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Let’s Talk About Elastic Bracelets

A gemstone bracelet with a heart-shaped charm

I love elastic bracelets. As a consumer, I love how easy they are to slip on. I love how stackable they are. I love the marvelous variety of beads they can display. As a maker, I love the simplicity of the design and the possibilities it opens up.

But I don’t trust them. No matter how much I practice the suggested knots, no matter which adhesive I apply “just to be sure,” I don’t trust them. I have never owned an elastic bracelet that didn’t ultimately end up as a pile of beads sitting in the bottom of a decorative bowl somewhere.

The thing is, that eventuality might be years down the road. A well-knotted elastic bracelet should, theoretically, last a long time. Or, it might not. This isn’t the sort of thing one can test for. This is a great unknown.

I will be making and wearing elastic bracelets for a while, to ensure my technique is sound. I can hardly wait to begin offering them on the site – but I have to make sure they’re going to last.

What’s your experience with elastic bracelets? Love them, hate them, a little bit of both? If you own them, have yours endured? Join me in the comments!

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