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Eclectic by nature. Created for you.

Mad for Magenta

A collection of magenta-colored flowers including fuchsia and petunia.

Do you totally geek out over color? I do. I get super excited when Pantone announces the Color of the Year. Ten years ago I painted my bathroom in the 2013 selection, “Emerald,” which happens to be a close match for the green in the Tiny Oak logo’s little leaf. “Veri Peri” in 2022 validated my choice of color for the kitchen, and inspired me to paint my front door to match.

This year, I was captivated by “Viva Magenta,” the Pantone Color of the year for 2023. You won’t often catch me using such a bold color—I generally prefer more muted tones. But something about this vibrant, unapologetic hue caught my eye and compelled me to create with it. 

What intrigues me about magenta is how it seems almost unnaturally vivid. This may be because magenta doesn’t actually occur on the color spectrum. On the color wheel, it falls between red and violet, which are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Our wonderful brains create magenta out of thin air!

Despite its uncertain status as a “real” color, you can find magenta everywhere in nature. Think of impatiens, petunias and moss roses. Many other flowers boast a magenta color, as do some gemstones, such as certain forms of tourmaline, spinel, and (of course) ruby. 

In order to really explore the variety of tones that might be called “magenta,” I indulged in some dyed gemstones. I usually prefer natural gems, but these vibrant beauties caught my eye, and I hope they’ll catch yours, as well. 

Ready to explore the collections? Let’s go!

Gogo Boho

When I named this collection, I didn’t know that “Gogo” was an African term of respect and endearment for grandmothers. (It also refers to round beads with a large center hole, and those groovy boots our moms—and some of us—used to wear.) This is serendipitous, because the collection was inspired in part by my grandmother.

“Gramma” was not what you’d call a bohemian, but she did have a knack for mixing vibrant colors, and she loved her gold and gems. Her home in the 1970s was resplendent with touches of the Hollywood Regency style—stuffed, tufted headboards, curtain pulls with decadent tassels, lots of mirrors and even a bear-skin rug. She had a vast collection of swizzle sticks and matchbooks from nearly every hotel and casino in Las Vegas, and she frequently traveled the world.

Maybe my “Gogo” was boho after all.

The Gogo Boho collection mixes magenta-dyed magnesite donut beads with deep purple, matte-finished amethyst and berry-toned Czech glass. Bright gold labyrinth beads and charms and metallic gold leather cord lend an aura of old world glamor. The pendant necklace is the star of this collection, with earrings from delicate to bold and a variety of bracelets playing supporting roles. It’s not your grandmother’s jewelry, but she just might approve.

Pink Impressions

When I first discovered the color of the year, I knew I wanted to create with it, and proceeded to buy up virtually every vaguely magenta-colored bead I could get my hands on. That included a variety of dyed impression jasper in shades with names like ruby, fuchsia and orchid. The rich veins in the jasper lend an organic feel to the beads, which tones down the intensity of the dyes.

This eclectic collection isn’t shy when it comes to color. I intuitively hand-select complementary beads and combine them with tiny, sparkling, fire-polished Czech glass rounds. The metal in these pieces has a subtle rosy tone—not as pink as rose gold, but decidedly not yellow or brassy. The combination is graceful rather than garish, and the gemstones will provide you with an earthy groundedness.

A collection of jewelry made with fuchsia-dyed impression jasper and Czech glass beads with gold-colored metal.

The round beaded necklace has a beautiful drape and is perfect paired with your favorite sweater, t-shirt or office casual wear. It is long enough to easily slip over your head, and has no clasp for frustration-free wearing. It’s accompanied by an eye-catching impression jasper and pyrite pendant, finished with a simple wire-wrapped bail and strung on genuine leather cord in a natural color. If you’re looking to make a statement, treat yourself to the gorgeous ladder choker.

The bracelet stack features a simple, adjustable chain with a beaded dangle lobster clasp; a gorgeous stretch bracelet composed of impression jasper rounds interspersed with tiny, shiny Czech glass; and a vivid pink lobster clasp bracelet crafted from impression jasper tubes and fire-polished Czech glass rondelles. The earring sets are small and lightweight, adding an effortless burst of color to your wardrobe.

Fuchsia Fusion

These brilliant glass beads are unlike anything else I’ve seen. They are created by fusing together two halves of slightly different colors, each with an AB (aurora borealis) finish. This technique lends a beautiful chatoyancy that resembles the shimmering color change you might see in stones like cat’s eye or labradorite. It’s a stunning effect that’s sure to catch your eye.

A collection of jewelry featuring fuchsia glass and gemstones.

I’ve combined them with fuchsia crystals and bright gold metal to create a collection that is super sparkly and vibrantly colored, perfect for lifting your spirits and making everything right with the world.

The bracelets in this collection are like a party on your wrist, combining fuchsia glass and crystals with the occasional dyed tiger eye. The necklace stack is a delicate affair, featuring a mix of gold chains with darling dangles and woven beads. The earrings are barely there, yet still pack an impact.

Heart of glass? This collection is for you.

Enjoy the Collections!

I hope you enjoy these new items as much as I’ve enjoyed designing and making them! Have a look around—you might find something you love. And remember, I’m always happy to customize a piece to make it perfect for you.

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