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Taking a Break

A close-up of an acorn on a mossy forest floor.

October is, among other things, World Menopause Month. The first week is National Mental Illness Awareness week. And I am currently experiencing the effects of both. I have made a decision to take a break this October, backing off of blogging, social media and marketing to allow myself room for healing. I need to spend some time focused on creating and learning, rather than selling.

I’m not sure what Tiny Oak Jewelry will look like when I come back—literally. I’m in the midst of a big transition, trying to determine what kind of jewelry I truly want to make and whether I’m willing and able to do what it takes to achieve that. I love working with beads, and I crave the ability to work with metal. I want to combine the two.

Metalsmithing has been a lifelong endeavor for many, and I have only so many years left. If I’m going to learn the craft, I have to give it more of my attention. Constant fretting over branding and selling has left me with little time to do what I love, and I fear my work is suffering for it. Frankly, I’m worn out.

I expect to emerge from this sabbatical refreshed and re-energized. But it will take time, and effort. I hope you’ll stick around to see what comes next. Thank you for reading, and be well.

Cover photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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