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The Fairy’s Gift

The Fairy's Gift glittering green beaded bracelet with silver charm and dragonfly clasp

A fairy princess and an elfin prince were tasked with creating a gift for the Fairy Queen. Together, they frolicked through the forest searching for precious stones. But there were no emeralds (for the Fairy Queen’s favorite color was green), no peridot, no malachite.

But there was plenty of sand, and so the two gathered the sunbeams and fashioned beautiful glass that sparkled like crystals, and they captured the colors of the summer leaves and made the most beautiful, deep green beads.

They decided that the sparkle in the crystals was so lovely, they should capture even more sunbeams. They made more glass crystals, and they colored them with the grass and the aurora borealis (for the Fairy Queen’s favorite color was green).

Then the gift sparkled so brightly, they took two of the glass beads they’d made, and polished them down and down and down, until they looked like seaglass.

Then all the strange and wonderful creatures of the land brought trinkets in shades of silver. Finally, a pair of dragonflies knit the whole piece together, and the Fairy Queen’s gift was complete.

Of course, they all lived happily ever after.

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