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The Power of Gemstones

A beautiful group of gemstones, glass, and pearls

Do you believe that gemstones have power? Many cultures revere gemstones not only for their beauty, but also for their perceived metaphysical qualities. Romans made chalices from amethyst, believing that it could ward off drunkenness. The Vikings may have used sunstone to help them navigate the seas. In Navajo culture, turquoise is a sacred stone believed to bring good fortune.

A multi-point quartz crystal on a black background.
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But do the stones have actual energy? Can they absorb negativity? Do they need to be cleansed by moonlight or the elements? Proponents of these beliefs will often cite the fact that quartz crystal has the ability to maintain a frequency to which it has been tuned. But does this mean it can become attuned to our feelings, attitudes and beliefs?

I’ve found ways to surround myself with gemstones for most of my life, and while I’m no expert on them, I’ve spent a lot of time working with them, both in making beautiful jewelry and as a means of focusing my intentions. I believe firmly in the power of the mind to influence a person’s reality. It makes sense to me that focusing intent—be it on well-being, self-protection, or even financial success—will yield positive results. Likewise, a focus on negativity will bring on the unwanted.

Real Power

If the rich green of jade brings to mind wealth and prosperity, that’s powerful. When the delicate pink tone of rose quartz helps you feel warm and loving, that’s powerful. If you like to imagine that, as Navajo legend tells, turquoise forms when tears of joy flow into the earth, that’s powerful.

Gemstones have a remarkable ability to affect our feelings, and our feelings help determine how we experience life. Whether they have power of their own can be debated, but there’s no denying the influence they have on our emotions. Even if this is were their only power, it would be enough to earn them a place in our lives.

I am rapidly expanding the variety of gemstones in my Stackables collection. I’ll be bundling together some “Energy Stacks” featuring gemstones with shared or complementary metaphysical properties. Stay tuned and sign up for my Collectors’ Club to be one of the first to know about these fun new bundles, and experience the power of gemstones for yourself.

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